Welcome to the Sustainability Academy. If you're here, you and your organisation are likely committed to shaping a more sustainable and balanced future. Are you ready for a transformative learning journey?

At the Sustainability Academy, we empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to drive meaningful change. Our expert-led courses offer strategic insights and practical solutions tailored for businesses, ensuring you stay ahead in the transition to a sustainable future.

Join us and discover how sustainability will benefit your organisation, boost your competitive edge, and contribute to a thriving world.

Sustainability Academy:
Master the tools for your sustainable future

You're in the right place to start a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience. Explore eco-friendly practices, understand social impact, navigate governmental policies, embrace circular economy principles, and master effective communication strategies with our comprehensive and dynamic learning experience.

At our academy, we recognise the interconnectedness of all these elements and are committed to empowering you with the knowledge and skills to tackle today's challenges. Equip your team with the tools to drive sustainable initiatives within your organisation. The path to sustainability starts here – let’s navigate it together and achieve success!

ESG 101: foundation of sustainability

Explore the evolution of sustainability on the political agenda, gain insight into the fundamental scientific concepts and understand the bigger picture.
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Calculate your Carbon Emissions

Learn how to calculate and interpret your organisation's carbon emissions. Build the foundation for your sustainability strategy and reduce your environmental footprint.
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Navigate Sustainability Reporting

Unravel legislative complexity and learn which regulations apply to your organisation. Prepare for mandatory reporting and develop an action plan to ensure you are 100% compliant.
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Avoid Greenwashing

Your sustainability efforts deserve to be recognised. But how to communicate about them without accidental greenwashing?
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Meet our Tutors

Meet our team of experts, who combine extensive hands-on experience with a dedication to fostering positive change. We are all committed to guiding you through the nuanced realm of sustainable practices.

Sebastiaan De Block

Founder and CEO

Femke van Riet

Sustainability Consultant

Ferre Ceusters

Sustainability Consultant

Kaatje Blockx

Sustainability Consultant

Els van Hooft

Sustainability Consultant

Jolien De Graeve

Circular expert

Lina Corrigan

Comm To Zero - ESG Manager

Discover value-packed course bundles for in-depth learning

Discover our curated course bundles, strategically designed for in-depth learning. These exclusive packages offer a cohesive approach to mastering sustainable practices.

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